How can ICE H2O help increase your annual revenue?

ICE H2O provides bottled water at no cost to schools, non-profit and community organizations in addition to select retail distribution locations.  This service not only helps organizations acquire something they need, it allows advertisers an opportunity to get a message out to a large group of potential customers.

By sponsoring a bottle of ICE H2O water, your ad will appear on water bottles seen by consumers throughout your community.  Additionally, a percentage of all your advertising dollars goes back into the community, helping schools and charitable causes where you live.

Bottled water is a sixty billion-dollar industry, with the average American drinking two bottles per day.  The number of times each consumer glances at the label on that bottle is immeasurable.  However, there is no denying that your advertisement is likely to catch attention in board meetings, on the subway, and in classrooms.

ICE H2O delivers maximum benefits at minimum cost.  For roughly the same cost of a postage stamp, your advertising can be delivered on a bottle of water in a matter of weeks, with a percent of proceeds going to charity.  We also provide QR barcode technology, allowing water drinkers with cell phones to scan your barcode and go directly to your website or advertisement.

For our consumers who want to start small, we allow orders of as little as ten cases, allowing your ads to appear at a variety of special events and parties.  This is also a great way for consumers to try our bottled water program, while providing advertisers the opportunity to reach out to a wide array of citizens in the community.

Current marketing plans for ICE H2O include schools, non-profits, fairs, concerts, conventions and conferences.  Imagine your bottled water in front of hundreds or even thousands of conference attendees! ICE H2O plans to revolutionize bottled water advertising.

Act now! Let’s bring your brand to your potential consumers.  Contact Joseph Cullen at 800-939-1423 ext. 712  or visit our Website.

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