Free Bottled Water For You.

Press Release # 1. October 2011 – Revolutionary New Concept Provides Free Water to Non-Profits

ICE Development has a new advertising concept that will revolutionize the bottled water market.  ICE H2O is providing free bottled water to nonprofit organizations for events, festivals and day-to-day activities.  The cost of the water will be paid through advertising, delivered on the labels of the bottle.

“Bottled water has always been an untapped market for advertisers,” says Joseph Cullen, COO of ICE Development, Inc. “For ICE Giving our charitable arm, inserting advertising onto bottles of water allows us to deliver water where it is needed most.  Additionally, a portion of the advertising will also be going to the charitable organizations ICE Giving supports.”

While most advertising is available in print, radio, and television, the consumer sees the ad for a short period of time and moves on.  Bottled water shows up in conference rooms and classrooms, on office desks and treadmill drink holders.  The average bottled water print ad will be seen an estimated eleven times more than similar ads in other media.

“With advertisers able to get the message to so many consumers and nonprofits able to get free bottled water, the situation is a win-win for everyone involved,” says Cullen.  “We’ll be using cutting-edge technology to try something that’s never been accomplished before.”

Along with regular print ads, ICE H2O will have QR barcode advertisements, allowing smart phone users to scan the label and go directly to a company’s website or special offer.  This allows the advertiser an opportunity it find ways to keep the customer coming back.

For more information on getting involved ICE H2O’s bottled water program, either as an advertiser or a nonprofit, contact Joseph Cullen at 800-939-1423 ex 712  or visit our Website.

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