ICE H2O – A revolutionary marketing strategy of the future.

Innovative Charitable Endeavors Development, Inc. or (ICE Development, Inc.) will be very soon launching its new product, the “TV on a Bottle” called the “ICE H2O”.  ICE H2O is a free bottled water distribution project intended to revolutionize the way businesses advertise their products.  Another remarkable marketing advancement of the future.

How does it work, you may say?

ICE H2O provides bottled water to non-profit organizations, community and youth groups, to selected retail outlets at no cost.  Manufacturing expenses will be taken from the advertising revenue.  And a portion of your advertising dollar also goes to charitable organizations.  You don’t only get to advertise your product but also help fund the charitable institutions of your choice.

We haven’t tried this before, how do you guarantee it will work?

Bottled water has always been an untapped advertising market.  Every day in America, bottled waters cover desks, conference tables, and automobile cup holders.  Not only the drinker likely to see your advertisement every time he or she lifts the bottle to take a drink, that label will be displayed to others, as well.  Even if the bottle is left behind on the football field or piled into a mound with other bottles to be recycled, your advertisement will still be on display.  It is estimated consumers will see an ad on bottled water an average of ten times more often than a normal advertisement.

How is it different from a traditional print advertising?

Along with the print ads on the bottle, ICE H2O will also imprint the latest barcode technology, called the “QR”. Short for Quick Response code, QR allows consumers with smart phones to scan a barcode on an ad that takes them directly to a business website or advertisement. The consumer was then directed to enter an email address as credential to qualify for the promo.   And, instant, the customer’s email address was captured.  You, as a business, can now send valuable coupons and sales offers to that customer.

How much will it cost for me to advertise with you?

You will only pay per unit, which is the cost of a postage stamp.  Even better, your water can be on shelves mere weeks after your advertisement copy is approved.

Get your business to the market now, and see the turnaround very quickly.  For more information about this revolutionary program please visit our website:  ICE H2O.

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